Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sookie the Snuggler

So FoMa tells me that there is a chance for me to meet my furever family on Saturday, and boy am I excited! FoMa thinks I should tell all of you about one of the things I am very good at, which is head snuggling. 

Anytime FoMa is near me, or sitting down, I love to put my head on her leg, lap, hand, feet... Basically anything my head will reach! I absolutely love it, because every time I do it, FoMa gives me scratches behind the ears and on my neck. Can I tell you how good neck rubs are?! They are so good, and FoMa has got nails so she itches just right spots. I hope my new family will like giving me ear scratches and neck rubs too, that would make me so happy!

Speaking of rubs, FoMa caught me getting rubbed on the legs by one of the cats in the house. Of course, FoMa's first reaction was to take photos, and she is making me post them. So here they are, I am so embarrassed!

But at least I am looking super cute in the photos so it's not completely awful! In fact, I am pretty sure I am the cutest little black dog ever. ;-)

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